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CHAN6VKUSJDeleting a repeat reservation directly created in the R6 R&R database, using an R7 event (template and server) created a doublebooking problem due to...
KYOE8247FZIn 8.5.1 when you create a reservation and bring up the list of available rooms dialog via the Room Search button and select "Ok" without making a...
LMAN6R7JQTFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash when scrolling in Calendar view
Exclamation Point IconMJBG7VHPFBFixed a Domino/Notes crash on CD to MIME conversion of a calendar entry with a large number of RepeatDates. Opening a response from the invitee...
RPAL7WM99CFixed a non-reproducible crash in the calendar view. This would result in the NSD to run as it's an exception. The problem occurred when the user...
SJAS5VGNSJWhen a mail file is over quota and a meeting is not saved, the invitation was still sent. With Check_Quota_On_Mail_Create=1 and...
BRON6DCRS2Prior to this fix, when a user deleted an instance of a repeating meeting, notices that apply to that instance of the meeting (such as counter...
FPAI7X7KL3There is a preference for how week numbering is handled in the Notes calendar. There are 3 choices for the preference: "Use my operating system...
BKAN6WLR7MPrior to the fix, busytime lookups attempted by the Notes client would not attempt to fail over if the users Home Server was down. Instead it would...
MLUR7ZVGGBWhen a day in the month view that is not part of the currently displayed month is double-clicked, the view is still navigated to the appropriate...
DCON7WV9LRPrior to this fix, the Sametime Classic meetings were not processed correctly on the Sametime server due to missing fields, Notes now correctly sets...
JASG56HSN6Added code to support owner's ability to accept or decline room and resource requests from the internet.
ADET7Y5JBVAdded a new "Entries by Category" view to the Calendar List views.
KKOO7HM8Q8Fixed a problem where the alternate name of the chair was missing after a user accepted a meeting invitation. This regression was introduced in...
NRBY83NPBCThis fix saves the domain of an iCalendar chair whose Notes address is resolved by the recipient's mail server, if that domain was different than the...
IGAI82R5L8If a site name were to contain a parenthesis - "(", users weren't able to book the rooms under this site and that's been resolved with the template...
FSIZ7ZPHQFFix the issue on the Mac where inline editing of calendar entry causes location information to be written to entry title
THIO7YXD32Fixed the Rooms and Resource Manager's CHECK command logic to properly check the busytime entry against the corresponding actual calendar entry for...
MSTR7XUMKGFixed caption on dialog when editing an online meeting: Previously was "Edit Meeting" changed to "Edit Online Meeting"
MSTR7YKHT9Online meetings: ensured that text for conference call info is the same in dialog and meeting invitation
MSTR7XWT6KFixed probelm where "Record this meeting" checkbox incorrectly appeared in online Classic meeting.
MSTR7XXRCTFixed cosmetic issue with extra space appearing in meeting doc after cancelling an online meeting
CSMH7SNLJ5When repeating calendar entries were created (specifically, meetings), the "From" item on the instance note did not have the item flags "ITEM_NAMES"...
BKAN7SGKFFWhen a broadcast meeting is sent out with many repeating dates the Description of the meeting would be hidden when expanding the View Dates...
YYLN7U2AENIn earlier releases, every time a "Waiting for Approval" notice was sent to the Room Owner to indicate a request required their attention, the...
MAKA7Y5H4USPR# MAKA7Y5H4U -In rare cases, a calendar meeting can be created such that the invitee fields (required, option, and/or FYI) will contain an...


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